SHITBOTS/ CEO "Split" 7"

D GBR185

"Not so much artificial intelligence as natural idiocy. From the septic field comes the reeking overflow. Running down your legs. Running up your spine. The ever worsening smell. Like a diaper in the trash that's been strewn asunder by hungry dogs. They hate you and love noise. This is a coprozoic coproduction. This is doodoowop. This is a feculent fecalith. Initiate protocol brown. Eat shit and die "- Joe Bot -Shitbots and C.E.O are two new projects with Brian (Demon's Claws, Primitive Hands) Raw Punk Garage!!! In C.E.O play also Jeff (Demon's Claws , Hell Shovel , Milk Lines , Black Lips). 100 % Lo-Fi Sound!!! Limited to 250 copies. (Goodbye Boozy)

[D GBR185]  SHITBOTS/ CEO "Split" 7"

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Format 7"