SPRAY PAINT "Into The Country" LP

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D 12X119
Into The Country was recorded throughout the year of 2016 in-between touring/working and CORY & CHRIS moving to Mexico and Australia respectively. Basic tracks were recorded by longtime collaborator IAN RUNDELL in his studio and then messed with in our practice space at the Monofonus compound in Austin, TX. Chris did most of the heavy lifting. Cory did some of the drum machines, and GEORGE was fiddling with some electronic gadgets, with lyrics once again mined from the info wars comment section and various other stressful situations like airports and hospitals. This is the first proper SPRAY PAINT LP since 2016's Feel The Clamps (Goner). Since then collaborations with Protomartyr, Ben Wallers, Ben Mackie, and Dan Melchior have been released. (12XU)
[D 12X119] SPRAY PAINT "Into The Country" LP
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SKU D 12X119
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