STRANGE ATTRACTOR "Back To The Cruel World" LP (Colored vinyl)

[D FDH120C] STRANGE ATTRACTOR "Back To The Cruel World" LP (Colored vinyl)

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Third LP from Sudbury, Ontario's Strange Attractor, first domestic release. Strange Attractor have a long history in one of Canada's most alien landscapes - Sudbury, Ontario, so it is fitting that the aliens in Strange Attractor have made one of the most surprising, compelling and honest LPs of 2013 that no one will hear. Highlights include the "Total Shit" trilogy on the b-side. "Feel Like Total Shit" / "This is Total Shit" / "I'm Total Shit" - three songs that give you a 360 degree views from the dregs of modern life: making bad choices, feeling powerless against the will of people who make bad choices, and just generally having everything stacked against you and turning those bad vibes inwards. In the Strange Attractor land, when we point fingers we have to remember that we are simultaneously pointing at ourselves. "Back to the Cruel World" will fail to get the attention it rightfully deserves. It will not get the head space it needs, the listening time required to unlock the riches contained within. Sure, there will be a few true believers who will wave the flag of Strange Attractor, who will herald this LP as a cornerstone of Canadian music in 2013, but they will be met with complete blank stares and people turning back to topics they are versed in whenever they try to spread the word. Why? Strange Attractor are from a small town in Northern Ontario. Strange Attractor don't tour much, and when they do, they tour in Europe where they are already massive punk rock superstars. Strange Attractor don't have a street team, management, or a fancy P.R. person who can 'guarantee a Best New Music.' Strange Attractor don't have a social media strategy outside "making cool records" and "making cool videos." Strange Attractor are not hot 20-year old dudes. There are no drops. But make no mistake, "Back to the Cruel World" rules and is perfectly happy standing on its own, outsider status intact. When you find other people with Strange Attractor records on their shelves, give them the secret Punk Handshake™ and congratulate them on their good taste. Limited to 100 copies on colored vinyl. (Mammoth Cave/FDH/Resurrection)