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D HZR075
At long last, the French Cro-Magnon punque masters SUBTLE TURNHIPS have returned from the blackness with their third staggering LP of slobbering soiled savagery, and we couldn't be more pleased to help shovel it down your throats. Finally available to folks outside of their alcove of animosity and thrusting forth a sludgy, refreshing blast of toilet-wave toxicity that never sits well in pleasant situations, these three cave-dwelling cretins have created a modern masterpiece of rudimentary punk damage, never straying far off from each song's well beaten two-chord pummeling. For a band that's been surreptitiously releasing records for over twenty years now, the release of this new Terd LP is cause for rejoicing in that, at the very least, it's accessible to the farther-down-the-food-chain life forms that will embrace it the most. Mining only the most slavish nuances culled from punk's deepest grievances and stewed in an acidic bath of primal lunacy stemming from isolation, desperation, and overall sonic decapitation, it's with great pleasure that we unleash the Subtle Turnhips' latest poisonous blast of primordial perfection, the Terd LP upon your vulnerable and unprepared soul. First pressing of 400 copies. (Hozac)