TELEPHONES ROUGES "Radio Control EP (10")"

D MMV001
The EP kicks off with the raw surf-punk guitars and new wave keyboards of ‘Helio’. A yelped vocal suggests abandon as much as anger but any sense of delirious fun is dashed in a brutal and ear-bashing climax (much like the finale to the revenge tale video that accompanies it). ‘Du Bist Dran’, sung in German, maintains the frenzy of its predecessor’s conclusion but with denser, thrashing guitars and terser shouting (mainly emphasising the word "angst" - no translation needed). ‘Sr Ruiz’ puts the buzz-saw guitars into Sonic Youth overdrive with even more anguished screaming. (Mama Vynila)
[D MMV001] TELEPHONES ROUGES "Radio Control" 10"
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