THE CAVEMEN "Ca$h 4 Scrap" (SCRAP colored vinyl) LP

[284LP-SCRP]  THE CAVEMEN "Ca$h 4 Scrap" (SCRAP colored vinyl) LP

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New Zealand’s THE CAVEMEN are back with a new long glob for a dirty and dilapidated world, and it’s as grimy as you’ve ever heard from the wretched brethren. “Ca$h 4 Scrap” scrapes up more than enough degenerate garage-punk trash with unavoidable forays into theme of death, demons, and even amputation, making sure to stop for a kiss on your daughter's lips along the way. YUCK MOUTH SAY MUAH! “Booze, Ciggies ‘n Drugs” is the first single, and leaves us wondering how many types of cancer these ghouls have among them, and if all four Cavemen share a brain tumor. “Leather Boys” is solid gold junk shop stomp, and the rest… well, you know by now how THE CAVEMEN rock’n’roll - the ONLY way, because any other way ain’t! SCRAP colored vinyl limited to 100 copies.