THE SCENICS "In The Summer (Studio Recordings 1977-1978)" LP

D DTR010

The Scenics didn’t play by the punk rules of the day. Their wild creativity meant any Scenics performance was an adventure... In the summer of 1976 Andy Meyers, fresh out of High School, and Ken Badger, working at the local music store, met and started The Scenics. After hearing their first studio recordings, legendary Toronto promoters The Garys immediately slid them onto Talking Heads’ September 1977 show.

Featuring 12 studio recordings from 1977-78, remastered by Joby Baker.  Liner notes by Last Pogo director Colin Brunton. We have the last copies from the trios’ own Canadian pressing on Dream Tower Records. 12” black vinyl LP with download card. Recommended for fans of Pere Ubu, MX-80 Sound, Television, and other kings of the lesser-trodden proto-punk path! (Dream Tower/ Supreme Echo)

[D DTR010]  THE SCENICS "In The Summer (Studio Recordings 1977-1978)" LP

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