THE SPITS I and II Cassette


Slovenly unleashes a brand new issue of their total classic first and second albums on what is perhaps the ultimate format for this kinda trippy budget skate punk: the always cool and highly portable cassette tape! It’s true, dudes. The first side contains their debut album featuring such legendary hits as “Sk8”, “Black Kar,” and “Remote Kontrol,” while side two is their arguably radder 2nd album with the all time anthems “Spit Me Out,” “Let Us Play Your Party,” Rat Face,” Take Back The Alley,” and alla that shit. You can now rock THE SPITS I & II in your ghetto blaster on the bus, much to your friendly drivers’ and mongoloid passengers’ chagrin, blast it at your fave ditch, or record something better over it and draw on the j-card. 

[136CS] THE SPITS I and II Cassette
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Format CS
Release Date May 11, 2022