THE VANCOOTHS "One Day In Rome" b/w "No Security" 7"

D CPR043
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Just out in the USA a 45 by the VanCooths from formerly Breda. (Now Tilburg, Nijmegen and Antwerp). After two LP's and a 12-inch now a 45 with two blistering bangers to annoy your neighbours and controll the strength of your ceiling!!! 'One day in Rome' combines girlie snarly poppunk withy hardcore breaks and psychedelic intermezzo's and even some crude Wilson alike freebasing.... 'Where Julius Caesar was betrayed there's a dealer gettin paid'. Cool! 'No security' is a true punk banger. 'The system is a fraud of mankind's greed!'. A limited issue so get it while you can!!! (Certified PR Records)
[D CPR043] THE VANCOOTHS "One Day In Rome" b/w "No Security" 7"
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Format 7inch