VARIOUS ARTISTS "Destroy All Art Volume 2" LP

D RRP002
AHEM! Continuing our efforts begun on Volume One of this series...currently in A.D. 2018 any vinyl record store in the USA can choke their bargain bins to fucking bursting with crappy 7" punk singles from the 1990's. This LP further soaks that steaming swamp of rotting garbage thru a sieve to strain out just 17 of the choicest cuts of purest anti-social vent-age. These particular singles earned mostly ZERO distribution at the time, thanks to the then-dominant "punk" trends of pants-shitting emo and prog-metal wankage. Chances are if you were even alive and starving for the real deal in the 90s you never caught a whisper of any of these, but better late than never. It's the only punk rock from this decade anyone's going to give a shit about in a hundred years! Best go hunch over that local bargain bin right now...(Rock 'N Roll Parasite)
[D RRP002] VARIOUS ARTISTS "Destroy All Art Volume 2" LP
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