VARIOUS ARTISTS "Frolic Diner Vol. 5" (Colored Vinyl) LP

This LP has been unavailable for years - and is temporarily back in stock, in an extremely limited edition on pink vinyl. This volume includes R&B, soul, bump and grind and a sort of exotica track by Byron Gosh Group, Lord Rockingham, Jimmy Beck, Walkin Charlie Aldrich and the Way Outers, Chuck Hix and Count Downs, Louisana Red, Noble "Thin Man" Watts and his Rhythm Sparks, I.M. Joe, The Blue Jeans, Night Owls, Dick Caruso, Eden Rocker, The Chumps and others! Record geeks, take note - both sides of this record contain an eccentric shut off groove, like you'd find on a 78 or pre-1961 LP! (Romulan Records)
[D UFOX23] VARIOUS ARTISTS "Frolic Diner Vol. 5" (Colored Vinyl) LP
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Format LP