VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Killed By Death Vol. 12' LP (Color vinyl)

D KBD012
Tracklisting: Cardiac Kidz-Get Out, Aryan Disgrace-Faggot in the Family, Strike Under-Context, Genral Foodz-Be So Funny, Ebenezer & the Bludgeons-Weekend Nazi, Cult Heroes-Amerikan Story, Lizerds-Is It Late, Lubricants-Activated Energy, Ground Zero-Nothing, Injections-Lies, Rejects-EE, Rejects-Barbed Wire Baby, Meaty Buys-New Freedumb, Silly Killers-Knife Manual, Nubs-I Don't Need You, Legionaire's Disease-Downtown, Peer Pressure-Sounds of the 80s, Cheaters-Ice Man, Stains-Feel Guilty, Teenage PhDs-Punk Rock Is Dead. (RedRum)
[D KBD012] VARIOUS ARTISTS "Killed By Death Vol. 12" LP
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Format LP