VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Killed By Death Vol. 9' LP

D KBD009
Tracklisting: Tapeworm-Break My Face, Tapeworm-Blues for An Insurance Salesman, Crap Detectors-Police State, Corpsicles-Big Doings, Panics-I Wanna Kill My Mom, Nothing-Uniformz, Epicycle-You're Not Gonna Get It, Accident-Kill the Bee Gees, Jetsons-Suicidal Tendencies, Hammer Damage-Laugh, Shirkers-Drunk & Disorderly, Vains-School Jerks, Gizmos-Amerika First, La Peste-Better Off Dead, Sado Nation-On Whom They Beat, Ex Blank Ex-You're Full of Shit, Breakouts-In Vagueness Deal, Ice Nine-Revolting Mess. (RedRum)
[D KBD009] VARIOUS ARTISTS "Killed By Death Vol. 9" LP
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