VARIOUS ARTISTS "Scum Of The Earth Vol. 1" LP

Reissue of loooong out of print 60s punk comp: Mach V - If I Could/ The Charles - Motorcycle/ The Bush - Got Love If You Want It/ The Tigermen - Tiger Girl/ The Fabulous Prophets - Gertrude/ The Werps - Shades Of Blue/ The Counts IV - Listen To Me/ The Try Cerz - Almost There/ Gin Gillette - Train To Satanville/ The Motivations - The Birds/ The Crazy Teens - Crazy Date/ The New Bangs - Go-Go Kitty/ Dwight Douglas and The Jayhawkers - Interstate 45/ The Opposite Six - Church Key (Part 68)/ Bobby Jameson - Okey Fanokey Baby/ Mad Mike and The Maniacs - The Hunch. (Killdozer)

[D SCUM01] VARIOUS ARTISTS "Scum Of The Earth Vol. 1" LP

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