VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO "S/T" LP (Gatefold) (Yellow Vinyl)

Ever been fucked outta yr mind on booze and/or drugs? Ever woken up inna bummer mode FOLLOWING said night o' abuse? This's yr rec, bubba - But, like smack: DO NOT go WALLOWING in yr fuggin' mire by trying to tie yr life to the "vibe" o' this rec! DO NOT form a band and play twee shit cos o' this rec! Jes' crank it up! "Sunday Morning/Waiting For The Man/Femme Fatale/Venus In Furs (best song ever for fucking whilst fucked up!)/Run Run Run/All Tomorrow's Parties/Heroin/There She Goes Again/I'll Be Your Mirror/The Black Angel's Death Song/European Son". Gatefold sleeve. Yellow vinyl. 


A1 Sunday Morning (2:53)
A2 I'm Waiting For The Man (4:37)
A3 Femme Fatale (2:35)
A4 Venus In Furs (5:07)
A5 Run, Run, Run (4:18)
A6 All Tomorrow's Parties (5:55)
B1 Heroin (7:05)
B2 There She Goes Again (2:30)
B3 I'll Be Your Mirror (2:01)
B4 Black Angel's Death Song (3:10)
B5 European Son (7:40)

Yellow vinyl.

[D VELNIC] VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO "S/T" LP (Gatefold) (Yellow Vinyl)

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