VOM "Live At Surf City" EP

VOM, short for vomit. Formed at the roots of L.A. Punk. Not really part of, but then again, sorta the kings of the scene for a brief moment in the late '70s...at least in our history books. Fronted by revered writer and critic Richard Meltzer, with future Angry Samoans members Gregg Turner (2nd vocals) and "Metal" Mike Saunders on drums. The other half was made up of Dave Guzman on 'tuneless rhythm guitar', Lisa Brenneis ('Gurl') on bass and Phil Koehn on lead guitar. These six took 'obnoxious' to an entirely new level. They lasted about exactly as long as a real Punk band should. Ending after just enough time to conduct a handful of adventurous, ultra-messy live gigs and somebody suckered into putting up the dough to press a record. VOM's Live at Surf City EP originally came out on White Noise Records in 1978 and has since been heralded as a bona-fide American Punk classic. They crammed as many minutes of noise that the 7" vinyl would allow. They managed to fit "I'm In Love With Your Mom", “Too Animalistic”, “Electrocute Your Cock”, “Punkmobile” and “God Save The Whales”. Each one HIT! Repress. (Rerun)
VOM "Live At Surf City" EP
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