WAGNER, TY "Misery Train b/w Soul Exercise" 7"

D UTR074
Ty Wagner released just two singles in the '60s, I'm A No-Count in '65 and Slander in '66, both stone killers. Those two sought-after singles were Ty Wagner’s only musical legacy—until now. UT Records is proud to present two previously unreleased Ty Wagner tracks recorded in 1967. “Misery Train” is a dark and moody thriller with a killer string-bending guitar riff—imagine the Seeds jamming with Link Wray. The flipside, “Soul Exercise,” is a sexy, hard-grooved dance number with a dynamic lead vocal and lots of atmospheric percussion—destined to full the floor at hip happenings from this point forth. Limited to 1,000 copies, “Misery Train” b/w “Soul Exercise” comes in cool picture sleeve with rare pics and liner notes by Mike Stax. (Ugly Things)
[D UTR074] WAGNER, TY "Misery Train b/w Soul Exercise" 7"
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