WAILERS "Livewire!" LP

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D NR904
Out Of Our Tree / Mercy Mercy / You Weren’t Using Your Head / Dirty Robber / Hang Up / The Wailer / I Got Me / Bama Lama Bama Loo / Livewire / You Weren’t Using Your Head #2 / It’s You Alone / I’m Down / Back To You / Little Sister / Hang Up / Baby Don’t Do It Wailers fans have waited way too long for this one! The first ever definitive collection of the Wailers best 1965-67 sides! Includes the rawest cuts from their punk masterpiece album OUR OF OUR TREE plus rare singles and unissued demos! Sonics worshippers- get on board and dig the crunch on this baby! Chock fulla rare pics and untold tales from the Fabulous Wailers themselves! Get out the earplugs and aspirin (for the neighbors) and a tall cool one for yerself as you catapult this plastic platter out of your hi fi cannon! Absolutely, devastatingly DEADLY! (Norton)
[D NR904] WAILERS "Livewire!" LP
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