WEATHER WARLOCK/ QUINTRON "Sunset Waits For No Man" LP (Ltd. Yellow vinyl)

D RSR004
WEATHER WARLOCK is the new project from New Orleans organist / instrument builder QUINTRON. This band is based entirely around his latest monster analog weather synthesizer (also called "Weather Warlock"). In short, this instrument takes information from the Weather—sun, rain, temperature, wind, etc.—and translates those daily variables into a randomly bubbling new-agey drone. The main console has a boatload of knobs and controls which can be configured into an infinite number of settings, mutating the weather drone from sublime yoga waves to shrieking thunder bubbles. Side A starts in the mire of an electronic sunset with Quintron at the helm of the Weather Warlock synth, twiddling knobs and responding to the day's waning UV rays. Slowly, the Gulf Coast acid rock emerges courtesy of AARON HILL (EYEHATEGOD, MISSING MONUMENTS) on Drums, GARY WRONG (WIZZARD SLEEVE, VATICAN DAGGER, etc.) on supreme noise guitar, and Quintron on second guitar. Two of New Orleans more prolific free jazz reed players—PAUL GRASS (tenor sax) and TRAVIS BLOTSKEY (baritone sax)—help to glue this mass of southern scum rock to the lineage of serious free music shamans such as Sun Ra and Peter Brotzman. Side B presents the Weather Warlock instrument alone in the drone zone—doing its solo thing during a very active and stormy New Orleans sunset with Quintron occasionally tweaking the controls in harmony. The resulting music is basically a greatest hits of what mother nature and Weather Warlock are capable of by themselves. Limited edition of 500 copies on yellow vinyl. (Rhinestone)
[D RSR004] WEATHER WARLOCK/ QUINTRON "Sunset Waits For No Man" LP (Ltd. Yellow vinyl)
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