ARSENE OBSCENE 'Partir a la guerre' b/w 'Pas Fier' 45

Keeping up with the jonesers, Slovenly Recordings is super-stoked to present the free world with our latest discovery in the hip and happening world of bedroom punk: Arsene Obsene! This mono-man from France is creating home-made crunchy fuzz rippers laid over primitive drum machine beats influenced by the Electric Eels and France's own Volt/ Lili Z (and even Jacques Dutronc!). We're giving you this perfect slice of seven inches to spin and flip over and over at your next acid fueled pogo party. Dose up!
[702-88] ARSENE OBSCENE "Partir a la guerre' b/w 'Pas Fier" 7"
More Information
Title Partir a la guerre, Docile EP
Format 7inch
Record Label Slovenly
Release Date 1 Aug 2009
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