BELLEVUE - 1980 - 83 Swiss Punk Discography LP

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BELLEVUE - 1980 - 83 Swiss Punk Discography LP

Absolutly beautifully packaged collection of the two 7"s of this essential Swisspunk band, some never before released studio songs from the period plus three remastered but still raw live songs. Includes innersleave with Rare pictures, History and Biography !!! Edition of 500 copies only ! During the late 70’s Andrea Hofer and Jürg Grob began to meet for evening sessions of noise at former “venues” such as defunct bomb shelters and parking lots. These nights brought together a wide range of very unique and diverse characters. Names like Marcel Hollenstein (Halle K, Nero’s Dinner), Christoph Hozog (Plaza), Turi Meyer (Sperma), Astrid Spririg (Liliput, Neon) and many many others were also very actively involved. When vocalist Peter Hefti joined in 1980, the name ‘Bellvue’ was adopted. After a handful of shows Jean Bhend left and was replaced by Major Many of the Rebells on drums. Bellevue consisted of former art-school students, looking for a new direction and for those involved who weren’t, Bellvue was a reaction to the stereotypical, chart-orientated music that was dominating the mainstream of that time. Bellevue sang in German and English, lyrically dealing with issues such as government surveillance, the army, drugs and genetic engineering. Besides a handfull of shows across Germany, Bellvue predominately played in their home city of Zürich with the odd out-of-town performance every so often. It all unfortunately came to an end in 1983 after the release of their second 7”, Soldatenlied… - STATIC AGE REC

[D SA005] BELLEVUE - 1980 - 83 Swiss Punk Discography LP
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