BLAHA "Fresh Horse" EP (Black Vinyl)

Mike Blaha of Minneapolis freak-punks THE BLIND SHAKE is currently recording solo as BLAHA. As a follow up to his brilliant and moody debut 2017 LP "The Art of Not," Slovenly Recordings is proud to present the "Fresh Horse" EP, and since we aren't exactly known for "moody" releases, we've selected only the most intimidating tracks from his repertoire. Blaha spews two fuzzy, snarling pounders on the top deck, and a surfed-out & melodic strum job on the flip that recalls some of our favorite moments from Blind Shake's "Fly Right" LP.


[195EP] BLAHA "Fresh Horse" EP (Black Vinyl)
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Artist BLAHA
Title Fresh Horse
Format 7inch
Record Label Black Gladiator
Release Date 8 Sept 2017
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