CAMARO ROUGE 'Got a plate in my head' LP

Debut album of this Chicago trio, featuring (ex-)members of the Dishes,Fuckemos,Whiteouts,Hamicks,the Drapes & Cherry Rodriguez. They've played with gore gore girls, guitar wolf, mike watt, nebula, honky ( j pinkus from buttholesurfers ),, operation s ( france) , modey lemon, headache city ,tyrades, black taj and a slew of local favorites .Dual vocals combining the pop sensibilities of the PONYS or ANGRY ANGLES with a HEADCOATEES/A-LINES like garagepunk approach & even inserting some cool rockabilly licks & all culminating into the mesmerizing trip of "guttermouth". Sounding a lot like THE HUSBANDS; MR.AIRPLANE MAN or LITTLE KILLERS! The perfect garagepoppunk&roll record
[NL NITRO30] CAMARO ROUGE 'Got a plate in my head' LP
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