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Chiquita Y Chatarra (Tiny And Trashy) is made up of Amelia Díaz Duarte and Patricia Àlvarez Alonso from Oviedo, Spain. Their new album is called Animal De Amor (Love Animal). Filled with short, dirty, blurting songs, they are fantastic blend of garage rock, menacing surf psychedelia, 60's girl groups and punk. They're just the latest in a long line of fantastic Spanish garage rock bands we've been drooling over here at Alt.Latino Impossibly deep vocals and eccentric lyrics give them a kitschy femme fatale air. On the song Naked On The Beach you can almost picture a John Water's film, two ladies with scarves wrapped around their hair and 60's sunglasses driving to a nudist beach in their convertible. And then there's Oh Cherry Cherry, a lovely garage rock ballad which immediately brought to my mind Little Peggy March's classic "I Will Follow Him" This is also a good opportunity to tell you guys about Discos Humeantes, one of our favorite independent labels today. Based in Asturias, Spain, they specialize in vynil releases. They are a go to source for great Spanish garage rock. -- NPR Music
[DHR019] CHIQUITA Y CHATARRA 'Animal de Amor' LP
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