NO TOMORROW BOYS - Who Killed Johnny? 7"

[D HGR007] NO TOMORROW BOYS - Who Killed Johnny? 7"
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D HGR007
NO TOMORROW BOYS - Who Killed Johnny? 7"

Coming on like an Americanized Guitar Wolf or The Cramps sans the horror theme, Portland's No Tomorrow Boys get it right! …This is the REAL DEAL, kids! Any old band can ape the style, but The No Tomorrow Boys have the fire in the soul to genuinely capture the unholy essence of early rock n' roll. It has been a while since I've come across a new band in this mold, and let me tell you it's a real jolt to hear music like this again! These tunes are wild and fun and supercharged with sex (in other words, the opposite of what typically passes for "indie" rock in the year 2011!). If classic late '50s motorcycle gang leather jacket-and-switchblade rock n' roll replete with a bawdy backbeat, howling juvenile delinquent vocals, and red-hot guitar action sounds good to you, well then you have good taste. And The No Tomorrow Boys should be right up your alley!
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