VARIOUS ARTISTS - 'Twistin' Rumble Vo. 9' Lp

Killer new LP of wacked-out and DANCEABLE 1950s & early-1960s slop!! R&B, titty-twisters, GO-GO mania, jungled exotica, ETC!

TRACK LISTING The Demons - EL LOBO Note & Toe & The Grenadiers - I GOT A COLD Felix & His Fabulous Cats - HEY TIGER Lenny Welch -CHANGA ROCK Damal & Rasheed - ARRIBA Gary U.S. Bonds - I WANNA HOLLER Alan & The Flames - WHATCHA GONNA DO Linda Gayle - MAGGIE’S FARM Los Rebeldes De Rock - SWIM Iraj - BABY SHAKE WITH ME H-Bomb Ferguson - MARY LITTLE MARY Little Jerry - CHAPEL ON THE HILL Syd Hale - THE HELL RAISERS Fred Harris’ Red Tops - THE BULL The Moonglows - CHICKIE UM BAH

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - 'Twistin' Rumble Vo. 9' Lp