FRVITS "Stupid Era" EP (GREEN vinyl)

The Canadian itch is getting scratched again as Slovenly unleashes the debut EP from Montreal’s first and only Dot Matrix Rock’n’Roll Band FRVITS. Read the V like a U and watch the atomic glow of your VU meters peaking in supersonic ecstasy over these six blazing bangers of thunderous hardcore space punk. This “Stupid Era” platter is a relentless attack, packing six tracks across seven inches, fronted by Shit Vicious on a radioactive vox, and featuring Wind of Change (associate of PRIORS & DUCHESS SAYS), Krispy Karl, Alexander Ortiz, and Blag Dahlia/Jesus (DWARVES) with a vocal appearance on the penultimate track “Abortion Hoops.” This one is tough, fun, and as abstract as a frvit salad served in a urinal. Green vinyl is limited to 100 copies. 

[261EP-GRN]  FRVITS "Stupid Era" EP (GREEN vinyl)

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