KING AUTOMATIC 'Closing Time' 45

[702-95] KING AUTOMATIC "Closing Time" 45

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Slovenly Recordings unleashes a beast of a 45 from the king of enigmatic bohemian rock'n'roll, KING AUTOMATIC! Adding to our stellar line-up of French blasters, this single rounds up two top-shelf tracks from this prolific monsieur of dubious pedigree. Having served time as drummer for French garage legends THUNDERCRACK (Estrus, etc.), King Automatic set off solo style and created his own perfect world of exotic rockin', incorporating samples (of himself no less!) in his unique take on the one-man band genre. This 7 inch record, containing one prime mover, ("Closing Time") and a murder ballad about the Kray twins called "From Commercial Road to Elstree," (part two of a track from his latest full length!) hint at an updated version of the Medway sound popularized by Billy Childish in the 80's, and perfected for the 21st Century.