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D WW03

If you’re looking for five out of control and utterly loud songs to burst your eardrums to, then look no further than the new EP by Küken

The new EP consist of 5 songs to just fry you brain, and to lower the quality of your hearing by the time you have finished listening to the record. I’ve been writing about Küken for a number of years now, and every time I write about them I feel my love for music being restored and heightened. I love how rowdy their sound is, I love how they have this raw sound that just makes you want to trash your surroundings and forget what’s going on around you. And right now, I’ll grab any form of escapism that I can get. For me, Küken go beyond being a Garage Rock band or whatever you want to call it. They have this sound that is so ferocious and it has this hunger in it that just seeps right into your soul. Their previous full length records have been two that I have been religiously playing for some time. They are full of this really gnarly and snarly songs that just make you want to play them as loudly as possible. Can they do this on an EP? Of course they can.

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