Lady Banana - Adult Rock 7"

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Lady Banana - Adult Rock 7"

Louder than the Oblivians and dirtier than Cheater Slicks, here comes Lady Banana, from Göteborg, Sweden! They're two and they're handsome of course, one of them was the master brain of the Tundra Fucks, another duo who turned into a trio and released some of the most atavistic Trash Garage songs out there on a few different 7" releases. Now he's back with a new drummer and four new songs recorded in a laundry-room!! Real primitive drumming, super trash guitar licks and some weird hissing sounds from a tape-recorder, this is what you'll get on Frantic City's twentieth release, limited to 300 copies with very nice fluo-pink covers silk-screened by Lady Banana's drummer himself!

[DW FRANTIC020] LADY BANANA - Adult Rock 7"
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