LEADFOOT TEA - Underpants Hop 7"

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LEADFOOT TEA - Underpants Hop 7"

From the deep south of Sweden comes the stompin' blues - trash of Leadfoot Tea one man band! Taking the primitve sounds of 50s trash and rock'n'roll and mixing it up with blues trash the end result is something Hasil Adkins could boogie to. So far Leadfoot Tea has released a handfull of 45's and a 12" mini LP on a variety of cool labels.
Leadfoot Tea's wild and primitve form of rock'n'roll is proving popular right with tours and festivals being booked all over Europe and beyond. Its easy to see why, just check out these greasy limited print recordings and you'll be hooked too!

1. Underpants Hop 2. Truly Ruly

[DW DBMR013] LEADFOOT TEA - Underpants Hop 7"
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