LEOPARDO - Is It An Easy Life? Cassette Tape

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LEOPARDO - Is It An Easy Life? Cassette Tape

LEOPARDO's new album opens with a brilliance, a tender, frozen and passionate war dedicated to love. Leopardo's second album "Is It An Easy Life", the first album recorded as a group, raises a fresh wind like a new spring and depicts a jerky and solitary march to which the lively forces of a band of friends are added. A second release on the independent labels We Don't Make It, Pop Club Records, Montagne Sacrée, Tortellini Records and Fart Food Records, this album is also the consolidation of an artistic posture and the anchoring in a garage landscape in search of new codes and new ways to be celebrated.

The band, composed of active members of the Swiss underground scene Blaise Yerly (La Tour Vagabonde/Fribourg) and Noah Satori, Giuliano Iannarella (Drunken Sailors, Spazio Morel/Lugano), offers with this album a rounder, fuller, more massive sound but which is still underpinned by a simple, lofi and distorted composition by Romain Savary. The band adds to it a cohesion that pushes the limits of musical self-portrait to a half-pop half-punk fresco, sometimes funny and radiant, sometimes aggressive and disillusioned. So many ups and downs that make our skull resound with this hope "I'm looking for joy. It seems to be quite near. »
Text: Julie Bugnard

[D HORSTAPE4] LEOPARDO - Is It An Easy Life? Cassette Tape
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