LOS MONJO / A.I Split 7"

[DW MET08] Los Monjo and Aspirina Infantil Split 7"

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LOS MONJO / A.I Split 7"

Los Monjo and Aspirina Infantil Split

Rad pair-up between one Mexican and one Spanish band. Guadalajara's Los Monjo are up first, they pretty much sound EXACTLY like prime-era Eskorbuto on these tracks. Huge, simple riffs, insanely catchy choruses, and a driving, HC-inspired backbeat... if you dig old Spanish punk you NEED this one. As for Aspirina Infantil, they turn in two very different tracks. The first one definitely has a Clash-inspired vibe that I associate with old Spanish punk, but with just the slightest touch of rockabilly / 50s rock and roll to keep things fresh. Their other track is really weird, sounding more like a mid-80s Pusmort Records kind of thing, but without the huge production... it's definitely HC, but kind of quirky HC a la Christ on Parade or something like that. Their tracks aren't as immediately appealing as Los Monjo's, but they're certainly good. Gorgeous three-color silk screened artwork rounds out this bad-boy and makes it pretty essential for fans of Spanish punk.