Los Vigilantes "Mi Siento Azul" 7"

[135EP] LOS VIGILANTES "Mi Siento Azul" 7"

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The follow up to their acclaimed 2011 self-titled LP, Puerto Rico’s LOS VIGILANTES are back with a killer three track EP, slinging their slop across seven circular inches of perfect rock’n’roll. This set’s A-Side, “Mi Siento Azul,” is pure panty wetting pop scorch with the sweetest vocals you’ll ever hear from a pack of crusty Caribbean street rats. The flip side here has the Vigis cranking out the crowd crushing “Volverá,” a pulverizing two minute juvenile delinquent punk rock workout. One of our fave tracks from their debut album, “Me Imagino” gets resurrected for the closer as “Kimi No Kage.” Suddenly The Beatles singing their early hits in German doesn’t seem so impressive... listen in disbelief as our Spanish singing Slovenly hermanos make with this incredible rendition entirely in Japanese! ICHIBAN!