MAKERS "S/T" LP (Reissue)

D ISCO12011
€ 25,00

All the records are new but suffered a bit of damage on the top right corner during shipping.

Reissue of the 1995 LP with iconic “mid-finger” sleeve by Art Chantry on ISCO Phonographics (a Chaputa! Records company). New mastering by Jack Endino. Includes exclusive 4-page inlay.

Gritty and punk, the Makers sound like a dirty early Stones. Their self-titled LP is a garage-punk masterpiece!

“From the bowels of Felony Flats erupt the kings of J.D. trash-rock, The Makers with their most explosive chunk of punk-spew yet! These Northwest trouble magnets found a couple of days between drunken jags and barroom brawls to crank out their meanest, scariest, “Fuck You” album yet. Helping out in the “bad attitude” dept. is legendary Texas soul-punk knucklebuster Tim Kerr, who managed to survive two days of recording hell with da boys at Egg Studios in Seattle. The result is “The Makers” LP… a raw, undistilled slab of perverted greatness. When yer needle hits the searin’ tracks of this wax you’ll swear that The Makers’ big, black hearse is comin’ straight at-cha at 120mph! “The Makers” LP is nothing short of a shock-rock masterpiece… believe it!” (Estrus Quarterly Vol. 7, Num. 1) Chaputa Records)

Limited edition of 500 copies on Black Vinyl.
Licensed from Estrus Records.

A1 Little Piece Of Action
A2 Do What I Wanna
A3 Drinking Big Water
A4 Waste Of Flesh
A5 Angry Young Man
A6 Nothing In No Time
A7 Ezmerelda
A8 I’m Not A Social Kinda Guy
B1 White Bread
B2 Try A New Lie
B3 Please Kill Yourself
B4 Hate Your Games
B5 Sad Little Bug
B6 She’s Going Under
B7 Getting Even
B8 Kind That Kills

[D ISCO12011] MAKERS "S/T" LP (Reissue)

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