Needles​/​/​Pins - Shamebirds LP

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Needles​/​/​Pins - Shamebirds LP

We’re talking about awesome snotty power pop laced punk rock from Vancouver / Canada.

NEEDLES//PINS start where White Wires, Gentleman Jesse, Young Governor and others leave off and take their really own incredible song craft at work here – all instantly likable and infinitely memorable. It’s unique and outstanding in a serious way!

For everyone who loves jams catchy as fuck: NEEDLES//PINS are just what you needed. The “Shamebirds” LP will make the coldest, loneliest and most boring of days fun and crazy again. The songs circle somewhere between mid-period Replacements, Selling the Sizzle-era Smugglers, The Hives’ “incredibly famous for a minute” stint and ‘70s/’80s Canadian power pop punk (Pointed Sticks / Teenage Head) and you’d be close. It’s just awesome!

Please go out and catch them on their upcoming European Tour with their friends from Sonic Avenues and see two of the best power pop / punk bands at their boiling point. So haul your ass out of your easy chair and get this one!

Side A
Far Better Off
What's His Face
High And Waiting
Cheap Cigarettes

Side B
Outta This Place
Losing Your Mind
Hate When You're Leaving
Only Call Me When You're Dunk
Hitting Bottom
I'm A Drag

[D ETT022] Needles​/​/​Pins - Shamebirds LP
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