RAYDIOS "Brand New Kid" EP

[154EP] RAYDIOS "Brand New Kid" EP

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Although the Raydios have released scads of good records since reforming sometime in the mid-aughts, they may have just outdone themselves with their new single "Brand New Kid" b/w “My Way Back Home” - co-released by Slovenly Recordings and Tokyo’s Mangrove label! Around two years ago, after TEENGENERATE played a reunion show to celebrate the release of their "Get Action” documentary, Fink mentioned that playing in TG gave him the itch to start writing simpler, more straight-forward songs again, and that's just what he's done with "Brand New Kid." The song doesn't waste any time, kicking off with the fury of a head-hunting boxer, while the flip side, "My Way Back Home" is a bit more of a slow burner, but packing a hell of a wallop in its own right. You're gonna be in need the number of a good oral surgeon once this one is over, guaranteed! - [Steve Borchardt, Superfan] Black vinyl edition.