SUDDEN JERKS "Self-Titled" 7"

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D NFTR 143
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SUDDEN JERKS "Self-Titled" 7"

The Sudden Jerks are a cut ‘n’ paste transplant snotty punk rock band made up of Steve E. Nix (The Briefs, Cute Lepers) and Terminal Gagger (The Gaggers, Miscalculations, Disco Lepers). Nix plays the music, Gagger sings.
This 7” spits out 5 nasty but catchy gems of snotty ’77 style punk rock that will get your balls revved up combing elements of all the bands you’d associate with these two ne'er-do-wells.
There are 3 versions of this. The regular versions are the black and white covers and the limited version is the colour sleeve.
Tracks: Don't Fit / Human Garbage / Sudden Jerks / Illegal Vitamins / Terminal Coldsores

[NFT143] Sudden Jerks -Self-Titled 7"
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