THE MORLOCKS - Time To Move 7"

[D AP052] THE MORLOCKS - Time To Move 7"
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THE MORLOCKS - Time To Move 7"

Leighton Koizumi has long been a legend. So he was even before of the original Morlocks. Now, after several vicissitudes, he is back with the new Morlocks, all Europeans, which sound great, almost a garage / metal version of Raw Power.

“Hang Up” is a super trailed blues, energetic / energizing and so good it could not disfigured side of “TV Eye”. “Time To Move” is pure dynamite covered with chromium and placed on a drone that works with four batteries to which they have been inserted eight.

Leighton Koizumi always give us amazing music, killer tracks and this one does not disappoint, in fact goes further.