THE RIPPERS "Better The Devil You Know" LP

[117LP] The Rippers "Better The Devil You Know" LP

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Calling all mods, rockers and punk-ass freaks everywhere! It’s time to get suited up for the brand new rave-up from Sardinian freakbeat delinquents The Rippers! The bastard sons of the early Rolling Stones and Pretty Things, The Rippers are back with a full length wallop called “Better The Devil You Know,” and Slovenly is psyched as fuck-all to present it to our world-wide crew of creepy rock’n’roll disciples! Recalling the nastiest records 90s legends The Makers put out before they turned into Elton John, Rippers 1, 2, 3 & 4 (that’s their names, dammit!) blaze through eleven tracks of hyper-speed 1960s style rhythm & beat shakers delivered with the deadliest of punk snarl, fully raunched-out harmonica wail, drum beats tighter than their own pegged trousers, and their signature stinging string-bending wickedry. This is just the right kick for amp cranking and speaker worshipping, floor stomping and ass shaking: Ultra-sonic rock’n’roll assault for with-it kids, so blast it, bastids!