VARIOUS - Exotic-o-Rama vol. 3 LP+Cd

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VARIOUS - Exotic-o-Rama vol. 3 LP+Cd<p>

In these dark, dismal times of lockdowns and assorted restrictions, a lighthearted musical escapade is surely just what the doctor ordered! With this third volume of the ever-upbeat Exotic-O-Rama series, our amigo El Vidocq carries us away to the Caribbean and to Africa, to the Maghreb and the South Pacific, not forgetting the Near East. A luminous antidote to today’s ominous tentacular obscurity! Immune to the ululations of Morocco, or the drumbeats of Al Duncan or the Hully Gully Boys? Unimaginable! Resistant to the Hawaiian strumming of the Maoris Hi Five? The trumpeting of Edmundo Ross? Not likely! And just as inconceivable to remain blasé before Lagustra’s clarinet or the frenzied haka of the Chakachas! So get ready to get down. With the Jukebox Music Factory, there’s no fear of pollution, the ozone layer remains unfazed, but your ears are filled and fulfilled, while your hips just can’t stop shaking!<p>

A: 1- Harold And Bob - Jungle Beat / 2- Akim - voodoo Drums / 3- The Four Sounds Mama Ubangi Bangi / 4- Laguestra & His Orchestra - Turkish Coffee / 5- Morocco - Ela ‘tho / 6- Ross Bagdasarian - Navel Maneuver / 7- Edmundo Ross And His Orchestra - Ole Mambo / 8- Hully Gully Boys - Yabba<p>
B: 1- The Lincoln Trio - Garden Of Eden Part 1 / 2- The Maori Hi Five - Putti Putti / 3- Les Chakachas -Hawaian War Twist / 4- Al Duncan - Bawana Jinde / 5- The Individuals - Jungle Superman / 6- Jack And Jim - Tarzan And Jane / 7- Young William And The Jamaicans - Limbo Drum Part 1 / 8- Dick Dale And The Del-tones - Jungle Fever<p>

[D VID25] VARIOUS - Exotic-o-Rama vol. 3 LP+Cd

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