VARIOUS - The Sore Losers Soundtrack 2LP

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VARIOUS - The Sore Losers Soundtrack 2LP

The fabulous THE SORE LOSERS soundtrack – featuring The Makers, Jack Oblivian, Guitar Wolf, Greg Oblivian, Mick Colins, The Drags, The Royal Pendletons, ’68 Comeback, Gasoline and more, will have its european edition on Chaputa! This special 21st anniversary edition will be released at the same time as the 2018 blu-ray reissue of the film both on Chaputa! (Europe) and Goner (US) each with its own artwork. Limited edition of 500 copies ONLY!

Set in present day Northeastern Mississippi and Memphis, Blackie (Jack Oblivian) returns to Earth 42 years after his first visit to complete a mission: Given a second chance by The Elder of the Lo-Fi Frequency (Sexploitation pioneer of the ’50’s and ’60’s DAVID FRIEDMAN), he is to finish his original mission of killing 12 victims. He hooks up with his old friend Mike (Mike Maker) then eventually meets Kerine (Kerine Elkins) and Goliatha (D’Lana Tunnell). Trouble begins. Kerine, fresh out of prison, kills her parents and Blackie finds out THE DEATHS COUNT AS IF HE HAD KILLED THEM HIMSELF! This causes cosmic problems for Blackie because he now has 13 deaths to his credit instead of 12! The Elder tells Blackie in order to return home he must TAKE BACK THE 13TH DEATH (Kerine’s Mother, played by Ghetty Chasun) BY KILLING A VICTIM OF THE ELDERS CHOOSING! Blackie then discovers he must drag the dead Mother around with his gang until this feat is accomplished. Eventually Blackie discovers that the new victim is Mike Maker’s girlfriend D’Lana Tunnell! This causes mutiny among The SORE LOSERS and chaos ensues!
While Blackie figures out how to kill D’Lana, The ‘FBI’ from outer space, The Men In Black (played by Tokyo punks GUITAR WOLF) capture D’Lana and she is sentenced to death…for the crimes The SORE LOSERS have committed! Since D’Lana must only die by Blackie’s hand, the race is on to steal her back and then KILL HER before she dies in the electric chair! See if Blackie ends up a Loser or goes home a Winner to face a heroes death in his own world…the Lo-Fi Frequency! (from the site).

A1 Tim Kearns – “Blackie Is An Immortal…”
A2 Jack Taylor Experience – The Sore Losers
A3 The Makers – Modern Day Freak
A4 Guitar Wolf – Invader Ace
A5 Mick Collins – Hoodlum, A.D.
A6 Daphne Diaphanous – Guntown
A7 Tim Feleppa – Knockturne
A8 Poli Sci Clone – Alien Brains
B1 Tim Kearns – “Mike Was Always Fond Of Mayhem…”
B2 ’68 Comeback – Funky Kuntry Capers
B3 Nick Diablo – Gotta Let Your Spirit Ride
B4 ’68 Comeback – ’68
B5 The Royal Pendletons – No Teasin’ Around
B6 Mick Collins – Bump & Grind
B7 Jack Oblivian – Vice Party
C1 Tim Kearns – “Kerine Loved To Bang…”
C2 Cris Clarity – Solar Prime
C3 Cris Clarity – Rock N’ Roll Band
C4 Jack Oblivian – Spi-Fi (Subsonic)
C5 ’68 Comeback – Smack Dab In The Middle
C6 The Drags – Shovel Fight
C7 Los Diablos Del Sol – Wild Sound
C8 Gasoline – African Cowboy
C9 Greg Oblivian – Bad Man
D1 Tim Kearns – “D’lana Is…Was…”
D2 ’68 Comeback – Go Go Goliatha
D3 The Drags – Suicide Wipers
D4 The Makers – Time Of Day
D5 The Royal Pendletons – (I’m A) Sore Loser
D6 Mick Collins – Garage Father
D7 Kerine Elkins – Look Me Over Closely

[DW CHR12004] VARIOUS - The Sore Losers Soundtrack 2LP
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