Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale Orders - Slovenly Europe

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  2. Please enter your business name in first/last name.
  3. Forward the 'welcome new account' email to [email protected] with a note requesting wholesale access
  4. We'll email you back once we've activated your account

Who qualifies for wholesale pricing? Stores, distributors, mailorders, table sellers... anyone who is reselling our records.

Is there a minimum order? Yes, €50 -- but if you order more than once in a month we'll make exceptions. Orders will complete for less than €50, but if you're not a repeat customer, we'll ask you to pay retail.

Releases available at wholesale rates? Currently only releases on Slovenly and it's imprints (702, Black Gladiator, I Shit in the Milk) are available at wholesale rates.

Payment Terms?  Are only available to distributors. If you sell to stores, please get in touch.

Ship Methods? We ship mostly with DHL, Deutsche Post & PostNL. 


  • Sonic Rendevous (NL)
  • Forever Changes (Munster - ES)
  • Altafonte (ES / PT / MX / S. America)
  • 14th Floor Music (London, UK)
  • Sound Effect Records (Greece)
  • Isotope (Canada)
  • Revolver (California, USA)
  • Cobraside (California, USA)
  • URP Music Distributors (Nashville, USA)
  • Get Hip (Pennsylvania, USA)