MDME SPKR - Humanoid 12" EP

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D PR01
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MDME SPKR - Humanoid 12" EP

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"Primitive and raw, there is a vitality to MDME SPKR's "Humanoid" that is missing in much of music today. It's a proper mental flossing that cleans your musical palate and lays waste to the sea of bland bands that litter the internet." Dave W. (White Hills) ///

"Ego-destroying and powerful soul music in the true sense of the word" Demian Castellanos (The Oscillation) ///

"MDME SPKR make a dirty fuzzed up noise that sends me back to a Seattle,New York,Chicago or Washington basement in 1987" Chris Reeder (Rocket Recordings) ///

"Sludgy, apocalyptic doompunk of the highest order” Steven Krakow (Plastic Crimewave) Drag City ///

"Discharge without guitar solos" Utrillo (Comets On Fire) ///

"Drum and fuzz bass powerhouse drives an off-killer punk blues, but the revelation here is the vocals of Lau Betti, full of ballsy labial attitude, mannered english rage and a dark emotional fragility. In humanoid we are the witness to the birth of one of the great rick n roll voices." Steven Hutchinson ///

"MDME SPKR is a monster, a voice from your conscience playing ball with your fears." Rita Kox (Pomponette Recordings) ///

"If Nirvana and L7 had a baby it would be MDME SPKR!" Eros Workhoven (Austin TX) ///

[D PR01] MDME SPKR - Humanoid 12" EP
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