TELEKRIMEN "El Circo del Brujo" EP

Following 2019’s fantastic “Culto a la Imbécil” album, CDMX hombres TELEKRIMEN return to Slovenly Recordings with a high-concept instrumental twin-spin as cerebral as it is danceable. “El Circo de Brujo” sees TELEKRIMEN building a swirling, organ led cumbia on top a 1982 offering from synth pioneer Patrick Cowley: an experiment inspired by the neighborhood sound systems of Mexico, and its relationship with the 1980’s Hi NRG (high energy)movement. In those years, the banda and punk kids identified and adapted the coldness of Alan Vega with the transgression of Divine, generating a street identity in Mexico City, since the sound systems have always been deeply rooted in marginalized neighborhoods all over the world, and Mexico was no exception. Taking to the streets was frowned upon, it was considered a rebellious and self-management act. Telekrimen considers this production an act of rebellion against the hipster movement of the garage and the now normalized psychedelic expressions of CDMX. A cover of Swedish novelty-rocker Eddie Meduza’s “Reaktorn Läck I Barsebäck” - known in Mexico as “Himno a la Banda” - closes the 7” with a thumping, fuzz-surf twang for soaring the cosmos on a titanium injected longboard.

[269EP]  TELEKRIMEN "El Circo del Brujo" EP

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