THE WILDEBEESTS 'Pointless' b/w 'One & One' 45

You may recognize the song One & One -- it's already been released, on an LP comp and an album (both of which are impossible to find) and a 7" on SFTRI (which sounds like utter hell). It was one of my favorite DJ tracks, until during Wild Weekend a few years back, it skipped, and I picked the 12" up off the turntable and frisbeed it into the crowd. So we've remastered it, and included a catchy new unreleased track, the tin-can-trashy, ultra-garage screecher, Pointless.
[702-68] THE WILDEBEESTS "Pointless' b/w 'One & One" 7"
More Information
Title Pointless b/w One and One EP
Format 7inch
Record Label Slovenly
Release Date 1 Jun 2007
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